For employees who have sustained work related musculoskeletal injuries we offer a variety of treatments including exercise, modalities and education. Rehabilitation goals include quick recovery and a safe return to work.

Pre-Placement/Post Offer Physical Screenings

The screenings are developed through an on-site evaluation of job duties and requirements. Screenings help to identify any potential history that could create potential difficulties in completing functional job tasks. They establish a baseline for an employee for future reference and establish an employee’s lifting capability and technique. Flexibility, strength and cardiovascular endurance are also assessed during the screening.


Work Site Evaluations and Education

Programs that analyze job tasks, equipment, workstations and body mechanics are available which are all aimed to help prevent an injury from occurring. Evaluation of the job site can helpful when making reasonable accommodations to comply with the American Disabilities Act. Regular visits (weekly or monthly) to the job site allow for evaluation and treatment of minor injuries or the therapist may recommend further evaluation by a physician if indicated.


Work Hardening/Work Conditioning

The program is utilized to help rehabilitate an employee and enable them to return to safe gainful employment. This is an employee specific program designed from an employee’s job description which helps establish a return to work program. Cardiovascular, strength and endurance simulated work activities emphasizing proper body mechanics are performed to ready the employee for the rigors of the job.


PT For a Healthy Workforce

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